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Accessing Asia - How to invest in a dynamic market
11 September 2024 | London

Asia continues to play a leading role on the global stage. The region’s growth story is still in full play despite a challenging macroeconomic landscape. Buoyed by strong fundamentals, its financial markets are coming into their own. Its vast and interconnected markets are teeming with opportunities. And in a period where economic development is sluggish, Asia remains a key engine driving global growth.

China and India are still market favorites. China’s economy, however, remains bumpy as property sector troubles, escalating debt and weak consumption continue to plague it. However, government reforms are underway, and growth is being driven by high-tech industries. India, on the other hand, is clearly emerging as a winner. Global investor confidence in the country’s economy, one of the world’s fastest growing, is high. As well, Indian bonds will be included in emerging market indices, and the country’s stock market has just become the world’s fourth largest. Meanwhile, Southeast Asian markets are coming of age. A growing middle class, favorable demographics and a tech boom are driving growth in a region already benefitting from the supply chain shift away from China. 

Across Asia, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have permeated into policymaking, fundraising and investing. Already, ESG has become a core feature of investment products. Digital assets are also making strides in the region and tokenized securities are becoming mainstream. But navigating Asia’s diverse markets with their varying levels of ESG and digital asset adoption can be a tricky business.

Global investors must recalibrate their strategies to respond to Asia’s dynamic markets. The challenge lies in identifying the best opportunities and finding the right balance between risk and reward. Amid this landscape, service providers can play a bigger role in supporting global investors navigating these developments.

The Asset, in association with Deutsche Bank, is pleased to host an in-depth discussion examining the opportunities that Asia presents to global investors and how service providers can support them in accessing Asian markets.

11 September 2024
03:30 PM
Registration and coffee
03:45 PM
Presentation: Emerging Markets Asia
04:00 PM
Panel one: Accessing Asia – How to invest in a dynamic market

Asia is an important part of global investment portfolios. Finding opportunities in its diverse markets continue to be a key challenge to investors. Which markets and themes will define the next 12 months?

  • How do global investors approach China amid the current landscape?
  • What will India’s growth story mean for global investors?
  • Where are Asean markets headed, and what opportunities will they provide?
  • How is ESG implementation playing out in Asia?
  • What is the outlook for digital assets in Asia?
04:30 PM
Panel two: The post-trade response

Global investors are rethinking their investment models to adapt to Asian market changes. In turn, securities service providers are evolving to meet these demands. How will post-trade services evolve?

  • How can service providers help investors efficiently access Asian markets?
  • How can they support investors in terms of regulatory compliance, onboarding and settlement compression?
  • What challenges do uneven ESG implementation present to custodians?
  • Digital securities – how is the role of custodian evolving in this space?
  • How can service providers ensure consistent service across markets?
05:00 PM
Networking and cocktails
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