18th Asia Bond Markets Summit - Europe Edition
Taking advantage of the great bond re-set
06 September 2023

With China ending its zero-Covid policy, Asia is fully reopened to the world. The region is hoping for a rebound. Global investors have started to pivot following disappointing outcomes of the past year. Amid the threat of recession in the West – in contrast with opportunities for growth in the East – investors are shifting their asset allocation strategy.

The China conundrum has confounded investors for over a year – and sceptics have declared that fundamentals have changed irreversibly. On the other hand, with concrete policy change now underway, investors are prepared to revisit compelling investing themes given that, as the world’s second-largest economy, China is simply too big to ignore.

How the market shapes up as the country fully reopens will depend on regulatory reforms, especially in how the battered property sector will be transformed. Meanwhile, the accelerated approvals for asset managers to set up standalone operations in China is generating positive vibes indicating that the capital market will be an important pillar for China’s financial sector in the future.

Meanwhile, India is becoming more attractive as its bonds are set to be included in global indices. With inflation under control and its central bank likely to temper repo rate hikes giving impetus to bonds, yields have started to recover and companies have begun to relook at the bond market to raise finance.

Southeast Asian bond markets, which will likely get a boost from China’s reopening, continue to be a sweet spot for investors. Indonesian bonds, favoured by global investors in recent months, could potentially revive interest in emerging Asian bonds.

Meanwhile, environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments have become a permanent fixture for global portfolios. European investors looking to decarbonize their portfolios could turn to Asia’s sustainable debt bond market, which offers plenty of opportunities. However, the various ESG frameworks and regulations in Asia and Europe, and their interoperability, remain a big challenge.

The Asset Events, is pleased to be hosting the 18th Asia Bond Markets Summit – Europe edition. As the longest-running fixed income conference of its kind, the brings together issuers, investors, policymakers and other stakeholders involved in Asia’s bond markets.

  • How will global investors approach asset allocation change in the coming 12 months?
  • Which Asian countries and sectors will bring better opportunities?
  • How do European investors navigate Asian ESG frameworks and regulations?
  • How do global investors incorporate ESG factors into their portfolios?
  • What are the challenges that global investors face when investing in Asia?
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