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Unlocking the value of automation and AI in asset management
26 May 2022

Technology and the digital transformation of the asset management industry is ushering in a new way of investing, changing the way asset managers do business and unlocking new opportunities. Automation, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud-based technology, and machine-learning (ML) applications are leading the way.

Asset managers are increasingly deploying AI across both front-office and back-office functions from trading, portfolio and risk management to operations and client management. Data analytics also benefits as AI applications help improve data management and decision-making. As asset managers incorporate more digital solutions, the business case for cloud technology becomes more imperative.

As well, those best placed to support asset managers, securities service providers and custodians, who have made an early foray into these technology trends, can play a role in helping investors navigate regulations while deploying digital solutions.

The Asset Events+, in association with Deutsche Bank, is pleased to be hosting an in-depth discussion to explore how technology and automation are modernizing the asset management industry.

26 May 2022
03:50 PM HKT
Access to webinar opens
04:00 PM HKT
Exclusive discussion
  • What does AI and ML mean for asset management?
  • What are the key areas of focus for AI and ML deployment/application?
  • What use case scenarios have been tested so far?
  • What benefits will cloud technology bring into the asset management space?
  • What are the barriers to digital adoption?
  • What challenges do asset managers continue to face in data analysis?
Mathew Kathayanat
Mathew Kathayanat
head of product, Asia Pacific securities services
Deutsche Bank
Chauwei Yak
Chauwei Yak
founding partner
GAO Capital
Robert Coughlan
Robert Coughlan
finance sector lead
Google Cloud
Oliver Johnson
Oliver Johnson
chief commercial officer
05:20 PM HKT
05:30 PM HKT
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